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Work History
Usability Engineer
Information Architect

Work History

I have been involved with web technologies since the beginning of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. Coming from the field of user-administration I soon swapped into web site production (design and implementation). During numerous web projects I had to cope with enormous changes in those days and I also could help shaping these technologies.

As a trainer in the area of web engineering I handed my know-how over to participants of several courses (web site production, MS Office). Through this work I was able to gain didactic and presentational experience.

The founding of my own company in 1998 (mavas Webengineering Screenusability Computertrainings) was the first step into the world of business management.

In order to broaden my horizon once more I started - additionally to my work as CEO - an education as Information designer at the FH Joanneum. Within the 4 years of studying there I gained insight into the field of usability with the focus on Internationalization/Localization of screen products. As a designer/analyst at AM+A, Inc. (USA) I could contribute to the success of this company.

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